5 parts of saffron

Pooshal: this part of saffron has high color quality around 220-230 and at a more reasonable price than other parts of saffron, which is ideal for groups who want to get the right saffron at an affordable price.

Sargol: This part of saffron with high color quality around 240-260 is suitable for cooking and is very popular.

Negin: It is the most popular part of saffron among other types, and with high color quality around 260-280, it has the highest quality for home consumers.

Super negin A+: This part of saffron is considered from the Negin family. The difference is that it has more comprehensive and elongated stigmas, and the amount of crushed and broken saffron is less. Its high color quality is around 280-285.

Special A++: This is the purest and the highest quality part of saffron, both in terms of appearance and amount of color. Its high color quality is around 285-305.

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Price euro of saffron per kilo:

Pooshal: call me

Sargol: call me

Negin: call me

Super negin : call me

Super negin A+ : call me

Special fara: call me

Prices are based on US dollars, but in Turkey, they are exchanged in the lira.

This price is for delivery in Turkey and it is different in other countries.

the place of Saffron’s cultivation:

The saffrons available in this company are from Ghaenat, Torbat Heydariyeh, Torbat Jam, and Bajestan, located in Central Khorasan and South Khorasan, which have the highest quality in the world.


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